Ricardo Salinas Admires Bitcoin (BTC) Amidst Thrashing Ethereum and Fiat

Bitcoin has been on a tear over the past few months, making investors bullish on the cryptocurrency. However, Ethereum is also gaining momentum and its market cap now exceeds that of Bitcoin.

Ricardo Salinas, a Mexican politician and economist, has been quite vocal about his admiration for Bitcoin (BTC) amidst the thrashing of Ethereum and fiat.

The number of individuals opposed to Bitcoin (BTC) is very small and uncommon. Almost all investors, celebrities, and business leaders, as well as ordinary individuals, are praising Bitcoin (BTC). Such are the viewpoints held by people all across the globe. Similarly, Ricardo Salinas Pliego, a famous Mexican businessman, is a big fan of Bitcoin (BTC).

BTC Admiration for Ricardo

Ricardo Salinas Pliego is the third richest man in Mexico. As a renowned businessman who has followed in his family’s footsteps, he expands his company into media, telecommunications, commerce, and other areas under his Groupo Salinas umbrella. 

Ricardo Salinas Pliego, like any other famous businessman, is a Bitcoin fanatic (BTC). He’s also a big supporter of BTC. Long ago, maybe a year ago, he disclosed that Bitcoins account for precisely 10% of his entire assets. As a result, Ricardo declares unequivocally that he will keep his BTCs for the next 30 years.  

He also claims to have spent more than 100 hours researching and studying Bitcoin thus far (BTC). He also believes that Bitcoin should be a significant asset in which every investor should put their money. Furthermore, he continues to brag about BTC, describing it as a significant asset with worldwide worth. Furthermore, trading with great liquidity on a worldwide platform has made him a true believer in Bitcoins.  

Ricardo discusses Fiat and ETH.

Ricardo Salinas, on the other side, smashed both fiat currency and Ethereum (ETH) to their lowest levels.

His first reaction to fiat currency was the word “fraud.” Yes, he considers fiat currencies to be fraudulent due to a simple reason. Following that, he mentions that the peso (the Mexican currency) was worth $0.050 at the time he began his profession in 1981. He also points out that the value of the peso has remained constant throughout time, accounting for $0.050. Ricardo, on the other hand, makes an important point here. 

Nonetheless, he made similar remarks about Ethereum (ETH). Ricardo Salinas plainly states that he does not believe in Ethereum (ETH) in any way. Furthermore, he points out that Bitcoin has a limited quantity of just 21 million coins, and after they’re all mined, the value will skyrocket. He, on the other hand, emphasizes that ETH is still limitless, implying that there will be more and more to utilize in the future.

He came to the conclusion that as volume increases, value diminishes. However, Mexico’s third-richest guy has a number of startling revelations!

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Ricardo Salinas, a Mexican economist and politician, has recently expressed his admiration of Bitcoin (BTC) amidst the thrashing Ethereum and fiat. Reference: ethereum starting price.

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