Polygon Will Launch IOI Game – Trade Race Manager

IOI is a new crypto-blockchain platform where players can compete in a race to build the most valuable trading portfolio.

The ioi token is a cryptocurrency that will be used in the upcoming Polygon Will Launch IOI Game – Trade Race Manager.

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News on the Blockchain

  • IOI Game, a Trade Race manager, will be released by Polygon.
  • A valuableNFT game driven by DeFi is the IOI Game.
  • It may also be able to provide cheap network costs and scalability.

The Polygon Network, previously known as the Matic Network, has announced the start of a new initiative. It has announced that it would introduce IOI Game, a Trade Race management and Non-Fungible Token-based Trading platform.

Furthermore, the NFT trading game has emerged as a distinct sector in the crypto gaming business. Non-fungible tokens (NFT) have exploded in popularity in recent years.

The Polygon blockchain network features a thriving ecosystem of projects and decentralized apps (dApps). This resulted in approximately 365 million transactions and 13 million customized wallets for the MATIC currency. Polygon will now feature NFT Trading Game, which has over 450 amazing dApps. Many unique personalities, vehicles, and courses will be accessible as NFTs in the IOI Game.

As a result, participants may utilize the unique NFTs to begin the race by fuelling their vehicles with their preferred digital assets. After then, the player may begin racing against their opponents.

Features of the IOI Game

IOI Games, also known as TradeRAceManager, is an example of this. The IOI Game is a lucrative NFT game that is made possible by decentralized finance (DeFi). The network’s primary features are NFT and gaming, which enable the play2earn model using actual market data. Players may utilize digital currency to power racing vehicles. Furthermore, the racer’s place will be decided by the real-time performance of the cryptocurrency they have selected to fuel the vehicles.

Furthermore, since the blockchain network is built on Ethereum’s Layer-2 solution, it may provide cheap network costs and scalability. Polygon is one of the first of its type to address such blockchain-related problems.

As a result, Rastislav, the CEO of IOI Corporation, is searching for a new challenge and a way to inspire development. Polygon’s and IOI Corporation’s staff are both passionate gamers with years of expertise.

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The ioi wallet is a cryptocurrency that will be used to play the game. The Polygon Will Launch IOI Game – Trade Race Manager is a new game that will be released soon.

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