Pegaxy: A futuristic P2E horse racing game that shares the same economic model as Axie Infinity

In this article you will learn what a P2E horse racing game is, how it has been developed and who the founder of Pegaxy is. You’ll also find out whether or not this particular form of gaming could have any potential in the future as an e-sport.

Pegaxy is a futuristic P2E horse racing game that shares the same economic model as Axie Infinity. The game has been in development for over 2 years and has already raised $1,000,000 USD in funding.

Pegaxy is releasing a PVP-style future horse racing game to provide a fresh gaming experience for crypto aficionados. Check out an in-depth look at the new play-to-earn game.

Crypto games and NFT-based protocols are exploding in popularity right now. Many projects, such as Axie Infinity, are attracting players by using the play-to-earn concept, which allows them to perceive actual ownership of in-game assets while also allowing them to profit from them. NFTs offer usefulness to crypto games, which is what drives any economic model. It isn’t only confined to play-to-earn scenarios. The NFT marketplace allows crypto players to convert their in-game assets into NFTs. 

While the expansion of play-to-earn is undeniably great, there is still much space for improvement. It’s difficult to onboard gamers in a smooth manner. There is no good way for players to comprehend how a blockchain game works. Furthermore, transaction costs and network charges fluctuate often, putting prospective players on the fence. More significantly, the games aren’t really enticing to today’s player. While certain games, such as Axie Infinity, are on the rise, no one wants to be confined to just one or two alternatives. 

Pegaxy is releasing a PVP-style future horse racing game to provide a fresh gaming experience for crypto aficionados. With varied horse bloodlines, intense tournaments, and a dual token economy, the game features everything you’d expect from a play-to-earn blockchain game. Can it, however, become one of the finest crypto games? In this post, we’ll discover out. 

Pegaxy’s Background 

Players win cash, tokens, and fame in Pegaxy, a fantasy horse racing game. Every race is unique, with diverse elements such as wind, water, fire, and speed that may help or hinder your horse’s performance. To become the greatest, you must upgrade, feed, and train your horse to its utmost potential. To get VIS tokens, players may breed, rent, sell, and race. In order to place in the top three, players battle against 11 other racers. VIS tokens, the platform’s utility currency, are awarded to all participants who finish in the top three. Strategy and knowledge

Guilds, scholarship programs, and solitary players may use this method to gain VIS for daily racing. The first 5,000 Pega, named “Founding,” will be released in October 2021, the same month as the PGX launch through IDO. The first 5,000 Pega will be created via the game’s breeding system. 

Players may make money in a variety of ways. 

New and interesting features are being added to blockchain gaming projects all the time, allowing gamers to make money in a variety of ways. The play-to-earn premise is, of course, at the heart of every game, but there’s a lot more to it. 

Players in Pegaxy have access to a rental marketplace where they may lend and borrow horses. Borrowers must just pay the rent for a single race or a certain period of time. The lenders will get a set rent and a part of the racing earnings in exchange. This is a fascinating feature since it enables players with several Pegas to produce a consistent income flow. They also don’t have to play the game actively to get money. 

Another option to make money with Pegaxy is to resell “Founding” and “Crowned” Pega on the marketplace for a greater price. Early adopters of the game will be adequately incentivized by the restricted quantity of Pegas, and they may expect to earn substantial profits. 

Pegaxy offers a dual token economy in PGX and VIS, as previously indicated. The former is utilized for game administration, while the latter adds to the game’s functionality. The active participants are lavishly rewarded with these tokens. They may also be increased by participating in international contests. “The Grand Dash” is a 12-month Pegaxy global championship in which the top 15 racers will be determined over a series of events. 

The company plans to issue a community treasury for participants to stake their PGX tokens, according to the whitepaper. This will not only improve the user experience, but it will also aid with the in-game token’s deep liquidity. 

What is the mechanism behind it? 


Pegaxy’s gameplay has a futuristic vibe to it. It’s also more tempting to novice players since there’s no cost to enter a race on the site. The only stipulation is that you have a pega. Pegaxy, unlike other blockchain games, features a straightforward UI that allows users to join a race by selecting the “Race” option. 

Lobby of the game 

After the matching is completed, the players are directed to the lobby to determine their Pega gear, if any, and to modify traits that might improve their chances of victory. It’s also worth noting that even if a new piece of equipment offers a desirable feature, it might also have a negative consequence. A breast armor, for example, may increase strength but also slowing the Pega by a few percent.

Pegaxy: A futuristic P2E horse racing game that shares the same economic model as Axie Infinity


As a result, there’s a lot of strategy development going on before the game even starts. Players may see their position on the left or on the track on the right after the race begins. The team first intends to employ a Random Number Generator (RNG) to decide race outcomes. All racers will most likely be on an equal footing as a result of this. The players must also consider the track’s characteristics. It becomes difficult to complete the race if Pega’s primary element, Earth, Water, or Speed, does not match with the track. 

Pegaxy: A futuristic P2E horse racing game that shares the same economic model as Axie Infinity

Earth’s Path

Purchasing and Selling Pegasi 

Players may purchase and trade Pegas for tokens in the in-game marketplace. Pegas may now be purchased in two ways: Buy Now or Auction. The first way involves the buyer making a one-time payment, and the marketplace or game then charges participants a predetermined 3 percent seller fee on each transaction. 

If participants want to participate in an auction, they must set a reserve price for their in-game NFTs. Users may submit bids until the timer runs out after it is published on the marketplace. If the reserve price is not reached, the auction will be canceled and no sale will be made. 


Pegaxy: A futuristic P2E horse racing game that shares the same economic model as Axie Infinity

Pegaxy Breeding Service is a company that specializes in the breeding of Pegax 

Breeding is another fascinating aspect of Pegaxy. Players may create their own strategy for obtaining the finest possible kid with distinct characteristics and qualities. Many elements, such as breed type, cooldown periods, and gender, clearly have an effect. 

Let’s start with the expense of breeding before moving on to the bloodlines. The maximum number of breeds permitted is seven, however this number is subject to alter depending on the game’s economic balance. In terms of rarity, Hoz is the most uncommon lineage, while Zan is the least rare. If two Pegas of different lineages mate, the kid will almost certainly be the least uncommon of the two. It’s unlikely that it’ll be a higher-tier horse. Here’s a more accurate illustration: 

Pegaxy: A futuristic P2E horse racing game that shares the same economic model as Axie Infinity

Cooldown time is essential for those who want to participate in future races. The Hoz bloodline has the shortest cooldown period, which is 24 hours. For the Zan bloodline, the highest is 96 hours. The gender of a newborn infant cannot be influenced by anything, thus players must depend on the 50/50 chance. The team, on the other hand, intends to offer a new NFT meal type that will boost the likelihood of a male or female breeding. This feature will be available later in the game’s development. 

Analysis of Competitors 

NFT and P2E games aren’t going away anytime soon. And Pegaxy might become a top play-to-earn game with a similar economic concept to Axie Infinity in the future. Many people compare Pegaxy to ZED Run and DeRace, however we discovered several significant distinctions that make Pegaxy a superior game. 

The existing P2E games are not compatible with mobile devices. And Pegaxy intends to take the lead in this area, making it simpler for users to join up, begin playing, and earn money. Another significant distinction is the skill level necessary to play the game. In the case of ZED Run, there is very minimal player interaction. Skilled players who grasp the game mechanics will be properly rewarded with Pegaxy. Pegaxy further lowers obstacles to access by offering a secure and automated scholarship system on the platform. 

Token Economics is a kind of economics that uses token 

As previously stated, Pegaxy has a dual token approach, with one serving as the governance token and the other providing in-game usefulness to players. Both are based on the ERC-20 standard and were released on the Polygon layer two chain. 

Pegaxy Stones is the name of the governance token (PGX). It has a total supply limit of 1 billion units. The game will not provide players with different methods to acquire PGX tokens when it launches. The team will implement a staking option when the game evolves with more players and community development. These tokens may also be used to get the ability to vote on ecosystem development and ideas. On the marketplace, the PGX token may be used to purchase Pegas’ gear and food. The easiest method to get these tokens is to win big in tournaments.

Pegaxy: A futuristic P2E horse racing game that shares the same economic model as Axie Infinity

Pegaxy’s utility token is called Vigorus (VIS). The key source of earning potential for participants is these tokens. VIS tokens also include a mint and burn mechanism, which helps to keep the ecosystem afloat and encourages participants to finish in the top three. VIS awards are not available to anybody who is not in the top three. Breeding is done using the main game token. The number of VIS tokens required is determined on the number of Pega breeds.

Pegaxy: A futuristic P2E horse racing game that shares the same economic model as Axie Infinity

Breeding Fees 

Pegaxy also includes a special token called Fabled that allows players to transform their conventional Pega into a Crowned Pega in addition to the dual tokens. They are restricted to 4,000 players, and the team estimates that the chance of landing a Crowned Pega is fewer than 50%. As a consequence, only 800 Crowned Pegas are expected to be in circulation.

Investors Information, Kyber Ventures, IBC Capital, and Shima Capital were among the organizations that contributed to Pegaxy’s first funding round, which garnered roughly $2.5 million. Kyros Ventures, Astrov Ventures, Real Deal Guilds, poolz Ventures, Good Games Guild, TK Ventures, and Black Mamba Ventures were among the other significant investors in this round. 

Recent Developments

The $PGX coins’ private sale has ended. The team also revealed that an IDO would be launched on November 5th. A whitelist mechanism will be in place, and the IDO charge will be $0.02. 

Pega’s initial public offering is also approaching. Aside from that, the game is undoubtedly fostering a dedicated community that provides the finest input in order to enhance the game. Their internet presence is still in its early stages, but once the game goes live towards the end of the year, anticipate everything to change. 


In its whitepaper, the team lays out a detailed strategy. The game’s real development will begin after the IDO and beta release are completed in Q4. Rental and breeding options will be available. In addition, players will have access to the market. We may anticipate a comprehensive beta version of the 3D horse racing game before the end of 2021. It will work on both mobile and desktop devices. 

The team intends to begin the grand competition in 2022 and release the game on standard app stores. We’ll also see community treasury and PGX token staking later this year. The ultimate step of the game would be to introduce a second racing mode and allow players to play on numerous chains. In the last phases of Pegaxy development, interoperability and the Pega burn system will be crucial. 


With Axie Infinity, we’ve seen how powerful play-to-earn can be. It won’t be the only game that allows gamers to supplement their income in the future years. Given the identical economic models, Pegaxy might have a similar level of success. In terms of playability, though, Pegaxy seems to be the winner. Players will remain involved for longer since there is more interaction, allowing the network to develop much quicker. However, after the game is out, it is safe to store our remarks. You must play the game firsthand if you want to observe a new kind of gaming experience. The mobile version is the most intriguing aspect. No other project has succeeded in bringing blockchain games to the pocket-sized device, so if Pegaxy succeeds, we might be looking at a game that could play a significant part in the mainstream adoption of NFT-based play-to-earn games.

The $PGX Initial Dex Offering (IDO) is set to take place on November 5th.

– Yes, the IDO platform will feature a whitelist mechanism. – No, we have not made the platform public! – The cost of IDO is $0.02 USD. – Prepare yourself.

October 14, 2021 — Pegaxy (@PegaxyOfficial)

Pegaxy has just released information on their impending public token sale.

  • Racehorse PEGA WHITELIST From 7 p.m. PST on October 25, 2021, to 7 p.m. PST on October 27, 2021 (UTC+8)
  • SALE OF PEGA NFT ON OCTOBER 29, 2021, AT 7 p.m. PDT (UTC+8)

Pegaxy Twitter has all the information you need regarding whitelisting. 

More information on this project may be found on its website, whitepaper, Twitter, and Discord.

Check out A Beginner’s Guide to Zed Run: Digital Horse Racing NFT Game for more information.

Pegaxy: A futuristic P2E horse racing game that shares the same economic model as Axie Infinity

Karthikeya Gutta, a crypto writer and freelance contributor for ItsBlockchain, was born and raised in India. With in-depth analysis and research, he covers many facets of the sector. His enthusiasm for blockchain and the crypto ecosystem stems from his belief that it has the potential to transform the world and benefit millions of people.

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Pegaxy is a futuristic P2E horse racing game that shares the same economic model as Axie Infinity. The Pegaxy token will be used to play this game, and it will allow users to purchase horses with the tokens. Reference: pegaxy token.

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