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Mastercard is planning to issue its own cryptocurrency, which will be tied to the US dollar. The issuance of CBDCs could become a trend in 2019 with other companies following suit, but it would also bring about new challenges for regulators and banks.

The “cbdc crypto” is a weekly publication that provides in-depth analysis of the cryptocurrency market. It was created by Mastercard to provide information on how blockchain technology can help with the financial industry.


Mastercard is getting ready to launch its network.

CBDCs are here to stay, there’s little doubt about that. Global payment processors are currently preparing for its eventual debut, with hundreds already in various stages of development. Mastercard is the most recent example of this.

Mastercard CEO Michael Miebach discussed digital assets and the company’s ambitions to promote CBDCs during a recent earnings call.

“At present moment, the most probable opportunity for this sort of technology to function for payments is if it’s issued by a government in the form of a CBDC,” says the group. We’ve indicated that on a number of occasions, and we’ve said that we’ll make our network ready to do that as soon as a government is ready to issue a CBDC that will coexist with the dollar and the euro as a settlement currency in our network.”

The creation of a’sandbox’ for testing payments with such items on the Mastercard network is part of this approach. The sandbox, according to Miebach, is a “safe environment for governments and private sector banks to find out how it might really operate.”

The eNaira has gone live.

A Nigerian CBDC was formally introduced last week after months of testing and teasers. This CBDC launch, dubbed the ‘eNaira,’ was followed by a pair of wallets for both merchants and customers.

The following are a few of the predicted advantages of the eNaira, according to the government.

  • Inclusion of financial resources
  • Financial transaction costs are reduced.
  • Welfare distribution that is open and transparent
  • Tax income and collection have increased.

In its first week, the eNaira, which was co-developed by the Central Bank of Nigeria and technology vendor Bitt Inc., had substantial acceptance, with 33 institutions and thousands of registrations.

Nigerian President Muhammadu Huhari has said that the administration thinks the eNaira may help the country expand by approximately $30 billion over the next decade.

Hong Kong to Follow China’s Lead?

Following China’s CBDC (e-CNYpopularity )’s and early acceptance, which has seen over 23 million wallets activated to date, Hong Kong is testing its own variation. Such assets, dubbed the e-HKD, have the potential to help governments better enforce rules among people.

This study, which is being carried out with the assistance of the Bank for International Settlements Innovation Hub, is promoting an asset that promises to provide the cost advantages of cryptocurrencies without the danger. As a result, some predict that Hong Kong’s creation of a CBDC may help to reduce the popularity of other digital assets like Bitcoin.

“Hong Kong has been actively engaging in the cross-border CBDC trials, due to the Hong Kong dollar’s strong liquidity,” said Financial Services Development Council Chairman Laurence Li recently. CBDCs are predicted to become more widespread in future non-monetary economies, with wealth being transferred from other digital assets to CBDCs since they are supported by the government.”

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