Luxury Watchmaker Breitling Issues Blockchain Based Digital Watch Certificate

Breitling has released a new watch that will record the wearer’s timepiece on a blockchain. The company hopes to create a new standard for luxury watches that is more secure and less expensive than traditional certificates.

Breitling Issues Blockchain Based Digital Watch Certificate is a luxury watchmaker that has released an innovative new watch. The company has partnered with blockchain technology to issue certificates for the watches.

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Breitling, a well-known Swiss timepiece, has become the first luxury watchmaker to use blockchain technology to create digital watch certifications.

These watch certificates were created in collaboration with Arianee, an open-source system for establishing digital IDs for precious objects. Every watch the company sells will include a blockchain-based digital passport. Breitling’s digital warranty scheme is immediately connected to the passport. 

According to Breitling,

Collectors will no longer need to save paper papers with this blockchain-based digital passport. Instead, due to an integrated chat function, you may consult with Breitling more quickly and discreetly.

Clients will be able to extend warranties, monitor repairs, and request services via the digital passport. Also, get insurance to protect yourself from theft. Furthermore, if consumers wish to buy or sell on the secondary market, they could ensure legitimacy.

In addition to Breitling’s newest invention, Guillaume Kuntz and Marc Ambrus, co-founders of Tradee watches, launched Watch Certificate in the wake of the Covid-19 epidemic. A tangible steel card with a QR code connected to a digital certificate is one example.

Clients may use this service to have a bought watch go through a thorough authentication and inspection procedure. This, according to Kuntz, is due to the growing development of a passport for a luxury watch that can be seen through a phone app.

Furthermore, last year, LVMH, the world’s largest luxury company, partnered with Consensys and Microsoft to create its own blockchain platform, AURA. Customers may get access to the product history and evidence of authenticity of premium items via this network.

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Breitling is a luxury watchmaker that has recently released their first blockchain-based digital watch certificate. The company is hoping to make the process of buying and selling watches more seamless. Reference: arianee revenue.

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