Coinigy vs TradingView 2020: Trading Platform Comparison, Reviews, & Security

Coinigy and TradingView are two of the most popular cryptocurrency trading platforms in use today. They both offer similar features and functionality, but they also have their differences. Which one is right for you?

The coinigy vs tradingview reddit is a comparison of the two platforms. It also includes reviews, security, and more.

A technical analyst or chartist’s most helpful tool is charting software. Computers were created to store and process data while also delivering interpretable results in a human-readable and comprehensible manner. Charting software is a headache for most traders and investors. They either outgrow them soon or run into an unsolvable coding issue owing to the underlying language. We’ll compare Coinigy and TradingView in this post to see which is best for crypto traders.

Table comparing Coinigy with TradingView.

What is Coinigy, and how does it work?

Coinigy is a trading platform that focuses on cryptocurrencies. They’ve been in business since 2013 and are based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. With a focus on providing trading charts and tools for off-the-beaten-path exchanges. They also have all of the main exchanges.

What is TradingView, exactly?

Coinigy vs TradingView 2020: Trading Platform Comparison, Reviews, & Security

Tradingview is a comprehensive trading tool that can analyze stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, cryptocurrencies, indices, futures, and CFDs, among other things. They were established in 2011 in New York, New York, United States of America.

Tradingview offered highly customized charting at a fraction of the cost of major competitors such as Reuters, Bloomberg, and CQG. It’s groundbreaking to be able to get real-time data from most major marketplaces in one location without having to go through a broker.

Platforms for charts and trading


Coinigy is a platform-independent desktop and mobile phone charting program with institutional-grade data feeds that is web-based (no installation required). There are a total of 38 exchanges, 3,349 marketplaces, and 6,957 currencies to track. Visual traders will like their trading book’s horizontal and vertical perspectives. They’re readily apparent on the buy and sale walls.

Markets and exchanges are remarkable, and even obscure currencies can be discovered and tracked, which is no minor accomplishment given that liquidity may be as little as $1000.

Their API is fantastic, enabling orders to be processed quickly. Account balances are displayed, and an exchange distribution table is available (tracks your balances across exchanged with percentages). A pie chart is shown, which is useful for reducing risk if one fails for any reason, whether temporarily or permanently.

Coinigy includes an App button that takes you to more tools. Among the applications are Google Sheets, which may be used to organize transactions and balances. A live news feed for current happenings that may thrill bulls or bears. Crypto ticker is a Chrome plugin that allows you to keep track of the market while doing other things on the internet. There is an extra charge for SMS notifications.

Coinigy vs TradingView 2020: Trading Platform Comparison, Reviews, & Security

The Arb (arbitrage) matrix is a fantastic tool for monitoring market price variations that may be exploited provided block timings are quick enough and the price difference is large enough. There are also in-browser notifications depending on exchange and ticker. Emails, SMS messages, and system sound alerts may all be turned on. Written notes for each pair may be stored in Coinigy and accessed through a side tab.

The economy data layouts show where you may get coin information. These contain project descriptions, social links to the community and website, a white paper, a block explorer, miner rewards, confirmations, block time, and mining algorithms, as well as a white paper, a block explorer, and a block explorer.

Coinigy is developing a chart scanner as well as a social scanner. Their 2.0 Beta version is now available for testing. Hotkey features are available in both 1.0 and 2.0, which may help you trade more quickly.


TradingView is a platform-independent desktop and mobile phone charting program with institutional-grade data feeds that is web-based (no installation required). It is a broad-based financial instrument since it has access to various marketplaces. Stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, cryptocurrencies, indices, futures, and CFDs are all covered.

Tradingview is a social network where traders and investors from all around the globe share private and public trading ideas. Their platform is built to allow for explicit discussion of financial products.

The site is very sociable, and the community is always willing to assist you, even if they disagree with you. They will explain why it is up to you to remain convicted and make the correct or incorrect decision, or to alter your mind and make the correct or incorrect decision.

Tradingview enables users to execute bespoke scripts and applications on their platform. Pine Script is Tradingview’s programming language. It’s not terrible, although it’s a bit complicated in some places. However, for the most part, it’s just a matter of getting around computer logic and working within the constraints of the language. These restrictions merely need recoding, and the coding community is eager to assist.

Coinigy vs TradingView 2020: Trading Platform Comparison, Reviews, & Security

The screener is amazing. It analyzes indicator signals and may recommend trade setups that meet your system’s requirements. Their charts are excellent, and the addition of multi-window functionality will make anybody feel like a Wall Street trader.

TradingView is a multi-market, broad-based financial application that lets you monitor global markets and investor activity. Depending on the trading technique, a full image is required.

The backtesting capabilities of Tradingviews are fantastic, with a plethora of prewritten scripts to select from or build your own. Both systems have the same hotkeys and notes functionality. Scalpers may use bar replay to test their skills. Using indications or market structure to put their abilities to the test. A fantastic tool for summarizing the day and fine-tuning personal trading strategies.

TradingView vs. Coinigy: Comparisons

This comes down to the trading style and the goal of usage. To make trades, some traders/investors need a lot of data, while others just need to know the price and market structure of their selected asset.

Review of Coinigy

Coinigy vs TradingView 2020: Trading Platform Comparison, Reviews, & Security

Coinigy is a sophisticated crypto trading platform that provides a custom solution for the cryptocurrency markets. In contrast to Tradingview, it has a larger list of Exchanges for Cryptocurrencies. Within its system, it does not allow for the exchange of trading ideas. They don’t provide any backtesting tools that a layman may utilize.

Tradingview offers superior features and would be utilized for charting, although both platforms offer the same exchange. The Coinigy API is unrivaled in terms of order execution, and certain cryptocurrency traders should not be without it. Other API integration techniques into a bespoke or bought application exist.

Pros of Coinigy

  • Cryptocurrency Exchanges
  • API
  • Matrix Arb
  • Spreadsheets on Google
  • Dedicated to cryptocurrencies
  • Simple to use

Cons of Coinigy

  • There is no social network inside the company.
  • There is no screener.
  • Scripts written just for you


Review of TradingView

Coinigy vs TradingView 2020: Trading Platform Comparison, Reviews, & Security

TradingView can provide you a big picture of the markets. If you are sociable, their community will put you to the test. This may be beneficial in developing views and avoiding getting rattled out of a profitable transaction. They may also reveal missed calculations, perhaps preventing a poor transaction from becoming much worse.

You may also look at other people’s ideas and see what the market thinks. For novice and seasoned traders, market veterans’ insights into specific circumstances and probable outcomes from previous events or trade setups may be helpful.

Pros of TradingView

  • Community
  • Screener
  • Scripts written just for you
  • Profile of Volume
  • Multi-Window
  • Markets Around the World
  • Simple to use

Cons of TradingView

  • The number of cryptocurrency exchanges is growing.
  • API




Coinigy provides a free 30-day trial account that allows you to test both premium memberships. However, the app Arb matrix – arbitrage matrix has restricted features and is now unavailable.

Coinigy offers two types of premium subscriptions. API Developer Pro at $99.99 US/Month Pro Trader at $21.95 US/Month

For manual traders, the Pro Trader is a must-have tool (enter trades by hand). Their software enables the use of both industry-standard and custom indicators. The indicators are constrained by the data provided.

The API Developer edition gives bots backend access to exchanges, enabling them to place complex limit orders and trade when regular users are unable to. Even if exchanges have submission problems, API transactions usually go through.

Historical data is very difficult to get by and comes at a high cost. Backtesting and implementing ideas using historical data may help improve the abilities of a trading system/bot or a trader/investor. If you know how to analyze the facts, the past correctly predicts the future. cyclical markets include election cycles, for example.

Coinigy also offers historical data for purchase. BITF: BTC/USD (RAW) $2583.60 04/05/2014 – 02/26/2020 BMEX: XBT/USD (RAW) $1108.00 05/12/2016 – 02/26/2020

Coinigy vs TradingView 2020: Trading Platform Comparison, Reviews, & Security


TradingView provides a 30-day trial period during which you may test all three of the company’s original premium memberships.

There are 5 subscriptions to TradingView. Basic costs $0.00 USD per month, while Pro costs $14.95 USD per month. Pro+ costs $29.95 US per month, while Premium costs $59.95 US per month.

There is a hidden subscription scheme called The Rookie, which costs $5 each month. This deal is only available if you first sign up for the trial and then cancel your monthly subscription. You will be given the rookie bundle if you cancel your membership before it expires. The services offered are a trimmed-down version of the Pro membership, with no volume profile data.

Everything you may possibly need is included in the Basic version. If you can’t afford the Pro edition but are committed, Tradingview’s full capability is accessible. It’s simply that it’s more difficult to get since you have to work for it. Learning to code in pine script may be very beneficial. You will also get assistance from the community. In most instances, all you have to do is look in their script library for the indication.

The Pro edition includes a volume profile (worth the money), more indicators per chart, and two charts per tab.

Viewing several markets data streams allows for a more holistic picture of what’s going on in Pro+, which includes four charts per tab. Apple Inc. (APPL) does not have centralized markets, thus there is just one price for crypto. Every coin has a price per pair on each exchange. Because prices are neither stable or set between exchanges, there are many arbitrage possibilities. For example, custom range bars (candle and bar times) are available for 5 days.

Premium users get access to limitless chart layouts, 24 indications, and the ability to post invite-only indicators. This is where a developer may commercialize their work by locking off non-paying customers and building a client base by collecting a one-time charge of $100 to $500, as is the industry standard.

All chart data may be exported as CSV in Tradingview.

Safety, Trust, and Assistance

Security by Coinigy

For the most part, coinigy is risk-free. Their security features include two-factor authentication (2FA) and login alerts through email. Most businesses can only provide this level of assurance. Giving an API key to anybody or any business is a risk you must account for in your overall trading strategy.

If you move your money to exchanges while you’re trading and off exchanges when you’re not, and keep the coins in a hardware wallet the rest of the time, you’ll be OK. The provision of API keys may be beneficial for trading or investing.

Their security features include two-factor authentication (2FA) and login alerts through email. Most businesses can only provide this level of assurance. Coinigy provides excellent service. Their support team has resolved problems in under an hour, however your results may vary depending on the task’s intricacy.

TradingView Protection

The trading perspective for cryptocurrency trading is secure. Signing up for the service using a non-linked, non-descriptive email address, non-descriptive username, and a random picture unrelated to your life may make it safer. Purchase a prepaid mobile phone and prepaid credit cards for notifications. The rest is standard internet security protocol.

Their help is incredible. The community is always willing to assist with code issues, idea exchanges, and instructional information. Tradingviews’ technical support team works quickly to address problems. Almost every query may be answered using their assistance knowledgebase.

Final Thoughts on Coinigy versus TradingView

Both of these tools work well together, allowing technical and fundamental research of cryptocurrency markets while monitoring the financial sector. With their market ideas and screener, the Tradingview community may help you become a better trader/investor. The Coinigy API can trade even if there are exchange problems.

If money isn’t a concern, acquire both. For market research, use Tradingview, and for execution, use Coinigy. Unless you trade with volume profile and your exchange is supported by Tradingview, buy Coinigy if you can only afford one. Tradingview is free to use, but you may have to put in more effort to collect all of your trade data. This may assist you in learning to code in order to improve the procedure.

The coinigy reddit is a coinigy vs tradingview 2020 comparison, reviews, and security. It has been made by the community to help people make their decision on which platform to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anything better than TradingView?

There are a few other platforms that have similar features, such as CoinMarketCap and

How much does Coinigy cost?

Coinigy is a free trading platform.

Who are the best traders on TradingView?

I am not sure what you mean by best traders. If you are asking who the most successful traders on TradingView are, then I would say that they are the ones with the highest volume of trades.

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