Brave Browser Review 2020: Future of Private Web Browsing?

Brave is a private browser that blocks ads and offers a built-in cryptocurrency wallet. The company has raised over $300 million in the past year, which has led to speculation of a future where ad revenue is replaced by micropayments from users.

The brave browser review 2021 is a future of private web browsing. Brave Browser has been around since 2016, but the company has only recently started to gain traction.

Most privacy zealots haven’t seen ads in years. What’s the big deal about the Brave browser? Is the Brave browser really a step forward for users’ privacy rights, or is it just a smart method to enslave individuals to the corporate marketing machine? This is something we should investigate more, which is why we created this comprehensive Brave Browser review.

In many respects, the internet has become an essential element of everyday life. By simply restricting your data exposure to marketers, the brave browser allows users to surf the internet without being bothered by advertisements. Because algorithms or algos can’t identify you because tracking data isn’t provided to them, it’s pointless to display an advertising. This is what extends the life of your battery and speeds up the loading of pages. So, how is this method different from using your normal browser to install add-ons? To learn more, keep reading our Brave Browser review.

Is the Brave browser available for free?

Yes, the Brave browser is free, and it may also help you save money. Basic Attention Currency, or BAT, is an Ethereum ERC-20 token used by the brave browser to compensate users for seeing their advertisements. This is an opt-in scheme that rewards users with BAT for watching advertisements that have been authorized by Brave Browser. The browser collects data locally and then displays advertisements that are tailored to you precisely. The arrangement is non-intrusive, and they’ve done an excellent job persuading people that they’re safe.

The end-users of the Brave browser are being paid to offer a service: their attention. You are not obligated to participate, and their browser is free to use even if you do not wish to view brave-approved advertisements.

Is Brave a Trustworthy Browser?

No, but from a security standpoint, nothing is secure; there is always an arms race between lock designers and lock breakers. Brave, on the other hand, is an excellent option if you require a non-gossiping browser that doesn’t give up a lot of information about you.

Cookies monitor everything you do on the internet since that’s how it’s supposed to operate. Unfortunately, marketing budgets are well-versed in how to take advantage of this. Any website, including Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and others, may build a highly detailed image of who you are. If they have a large enough network to follow you throughout the internet.

While Brave will not directly compromise your operational security (opsec), its third-party wallet provider, Uphold, will. Signing up to get paid out and withdrawing money will reveal everything using chain analysis. Blockchains are immutable and transparent. Your BAT money will be linked to any Ethereum Wallet, Exchange, or company you move them to via the KYC procedure.

Brave’s extremely uncool, privacy-infringing attorneys had no option but to defend the browser’s entrenched interests. However, we don’t think this is an issue since it’s a free opt-in service that doesn’t discriminate based on use. They employ anybody and pay them equally based simply on ad views. They have established a payment channel for content consumers to reward content producers.

Brave Browser Review 2020: Future of Private Web Browsing?


Is Google used by the Brave Browser?

Google seems to be used in three ways by the brave browser. The first is Chromium, a Google-owned open-source Google Chrome test network. Brave is built on Chromium, which is the browser’s core code.

They just disabled Google’s spyware, installed HTTPS everywhere, disabled certain tracking features, installed Tor without instructions, a BAT wallet, and different backgrounds for each new unused tab.

The default search engine is the second option. You have the option of making Google your default search engine. This is, however, not recommended. The third is that the Brave browser can only use Chrome extensions, which makes migration simpler since Google controls the majority of internet users and, as a result, the majority of developers developing browser applications.

If a user needs to access their Gmail, view YouTube, or utilize any other Google service, Brave browsers may do so indirectly.

Because tracking data is blocked by the Brave Shields, no advertisements, including Google ads, will be shown. Not only does the Brave Shield block advertising, but it also includes cookie controls, HTTPS upgrades, script blocking, and fingerprinting avoidance, all of which can be customized per site or globally for all sites. Some functions may not be accessible on all platforms, so do your homework.

Brave Browser Review 2020: Future of Private Web Browsing?

Download the Brave web browser

So, after that little introduction, you’re considering about giving Brave a try? Select Download from This reminds me of the classic Bing and Internet Explorer joke. Only use Internet Explorer and Bing if you need to search for another browser after installing Windows. In addition to IE, they utilize Chromium as their base code.

Everyone should have a look at the Brave browser. The memory or RAM usage is remarkable, and it does a fantastic job of avoiding overtaxing older systems. We would not, however, run this on a Pentium 3 machine; don’t laugh too hard; this is a real issue for organizations who offer computer instruction to children and adults.

Brave browser is not for them since many people across the globe cannot buy better computers. There’s a reason why the unbanked are unbanked. They don’t have any documentation and will never be permitted to complete a KYC. As a result, they will never profit financially from utilizing the one browser that might have assisted them in upgrading their old machines.

Brave Browser Review 2020: Future of Private Web Browsing?

What is the Brave browser and how can I use it?

The Brave browser is easy to use and intuitive. You can use Brave if you can use Internet Explorer. They offer an easy-to-use interface prompt that asks a few questions about your browsing preferences. Once you’ve finished, you’ll have access to the internet in a semi-private to private manner, depending on your preferences.

Once you’ve got the browser up and running, you’ll notice a few differences right away. When you open a new tab, you’ll be greeted with an incredible picture of something interesting, at least that’s what we believe. On the upper left, you’ll see a few statistics, including Ads and Trackers Blocked.

The main reason to use Brave is because of those numbers. They don’t let some information about you, such as your internet history and location, be shared with the sites you visit. Advertisers won’t be able to directly identify your interests, therefore they won’t be able to sell to you.

HTTPS updates encrypt your session, which further protects your data. Making it more difficult to evaluate your traffic. The last measure is the amount of time you saved by not loading advertisements and reacting to trackers. Imagine you’re attempting to leave the workplace, but it’s your birthday, and everyone wants to wish you a happy birthday. This is ad-supported browsing.

Imagine the day you finally quit from a job you despise; you just go in, hand your resignation to your employer, and leave. Quick, simple, and very gratifying. That’s what it’s like to browse without advertisements. Because your browser is no longer doing those activities, ad-free surfing significantly improves your battery life.

There is also a clock that isn’t in 24 hours, which we believe is worthless. They’ve been attempting to resolve this issue for almost two years and have just given up. The wallet, which we discussed before, is the last thing to mention. While they have a Binance wallet on their Nightly version, it is not yet accessible in the stable release, therefore we won’t comment on it.

Brave Browser Review 2020: Future of Private Web Browsing?

Ads that are brave are rewarded.

While we are completely opposed to the use of the Uphold wallet. They have selected an acceptable method of monetizing their enterprise. Advertisers may buy targeted marketing from the Brave browser. Users that choose to watch advertisements are compensated with Basic Attention Tokens, or BAT. It’s a win-win situation for everyone concerned.

Tipping the content producer for their work is another aspect of the service. Even if you eliminate their financial motivation to produce content, this enables all publishers and artists to profit from your attention.

Brave and BAT’s marketing brilliance is incredible. It’s like a virus: if you tip a creator who hasn’t joined up yet, they’ll be monetarily enticed to do so and provide KYC info in order to withdraw cash since free money is accessible, and most people value money above privacy.

Brave Browser Review 2020: Future of Private Web Browsing?

Is the Brave browser superior than Chrome?

Yes. Brave is a superior browser than Google Chrome. Google Chrome was created as a direct marketing tool, and it now has 64.45% of the market share. Chrome comes with built-in plugins that may be turned off. As you surf the internet, Chrome gathers data about you, analyzes it using its algorithms, and delivers information straight to your line of sight. With billions of dollars in the bank, the old adage “if it’s free, you’re the product” comes to mind.

Chrome is sluggish to load websites when used in this manner. It becomes a CPU and memory eater, draining the battery and pushing your Power Supply Units (PSU) to their limits. It’s costing you time and money.

Safari vs. Brave browser

Apple Inc. is the company that created Safari. Safari’s only purpose is to allow you to download another browser. Granted, Safari is much superior than Internet Explorer, with a total market share of 17.5%. Safari is doing well, finishing in second place.

Furthermore, if and when encryption is used, Apple will attempt to defend your digital rights by going to court to prevent them from handing over your data to government authorities, but if forced by a court order, they will comply.

Firefox vs. Brave

Brave’s current CEO is Brendan Eich was the co-founder of Mozilla Corporation and the inventor of Javascript. Firefox was developed and is managed by the Mozilla Corporation. Mozilla earns money via… Ads, as you may have guessed. In a way, yes. Search engines pay Mozilla royalties in exchange for access to users’ data through the browser. Firefox is a free and open-source browser with a global development community. Mozilla, which is a for-profit business, still owns it.

Tor’s browser is based on Firefox for a reason: it’s extremely configurable, with extra plugins that can be installed and used. When it comes to plugins, Brave has a hard time competing with Firefox. We believe the Brave browser does not properly use Tor and lacks the required features to change identities while browsing, but you may still do so by closing all Tor sessions, windows, and tabs and starting a new Tor session, window, or tab.

With approximately a quarter of a billion active monthly users, Firefox owns 4.58 percent of the browser market share, making it 20 times larger than Brave Browser, which has 12 million active monthly users.

Pros and Cons of Brave Browser

Brave browser offers more advantages than disadvantages. When compared to conventional browser installs, it is a superior browser option in terms of privacy and records less. It comes with an Adblocker built-in and is quicker and more efficient while surfing the web.

On the negative side, Brave browser is at the mercy of Google when it comes to extensions since it lacks its own library and must obey the demands of a third party. Brave does not individually vet third-party extensions; nevertheless, if the browser detects any unpleasant behavior from the add-on, it will notify you. Its Tor service is functional, but it pales in comparison to the original Tor browser, and we believe this is just a marketing ploy.

The import function of the Brave browser is only helpful for bookmarks and history. Your passwords will not be imported by Brave. The majority of end customers find it inconvenient. One might argue that you shouldn’t save your passwords in your browser, but no one listens to such advise until they’ve been hacked and learnt from their errors, and these individuals are few and far between.

Brave Browser Review 2020: Future of Private Web Browsing?


The fact that you are committing to a service where you are the product is the elephant in the room with Brave Rewards and their opt-in marketing. For some individuals, this may be sufficient, but it is just a half-measure.

To exchange BAT tokens for actual money, you must first complete a KYC process, which contradicts the purpose of online anonymity. People need fewer logins that are linked to their real-life identities. Hackers may use each business that possesses your KYC data as a new attack vector.

What are the benefits of using?

The Brave browser does exactly what it says on the tin; it is hands down the best in class for power efficiency and will significantly prolong your battery life. We haven’t seen advertisements in years and aren’t sure what all the fuss is about. Because of opsec and other concerns, we will not be listing our plugins.

Brave Browser Review 2020: Future of Private Web Browsing?

Conclusion of the Review of Brave Browser

It is a duty, not a privilege, to browse privately. While the Brave browser is a positive step forward. It’s simply fine; it doesn’t provide much in the way of privacy and isn’t the most useful tool. While Tor is improved, don’t be fooled into believing it’s completely secure.

Browsing secretly entails a variety of protocols, not just utilizing a magical browser that will keep you safe. To begin, acquire a VPN and consider formatting your existing computer with DBAN and reinstalling from scratch. Even the most inexperienced users may benefit from a few privacy lessons. Some of the stages are severe, and they are dependent on what you’re attempting to accomplish.

Our KYC data is worth more to us than the Brave browser; all it takes is one leak for your identity to be stolen, and you’ll be forced to spend years of your life fighting for it. You can’t buy a home or obtain a new vehicle during this limbo time, and the police may hold you because they believe you’re the identity thief.

While we don’t think the Brave browser stands out among the rest, it is a fantastic place for people to start when it comes to security and privacy. Users who are unfamiliar with online best behaviors need a strong starting point, which courageous provides in spades. Regrettably, privacy security is like a loaded pistol, and end-users may accidentally shoot themselves in the foot.

Brave is the most energy-efficient browser on the market. When utilizing battery-powered devices, we’ve been using Brave browser and will continue to do so. It’s a fantastic energy saver, and we suggest that everyone try it out.

The greatest feature of this browser is the tab random backdrop; it slows you down so you can think about what you’re going to look for or which website you’re about to visit. A wonderful respite from the hustle of modern life is taking a minute to contemplate and notice genuine beauty.

Brave Browser Review
  • Usability
  • Extensions
  • Safety
  • Privacy


  • Very quick
  • Safe
  • Excellent user interface
  • Privacy is a priority.

Brave Browser is a privacy focused browser that has been around for over 3 years. It has an ad-free experience, and it also blocks trackers. The future of private web browsing looks bright with the release of brave browser 2020. Reference: is brave browser safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Brave browser good for privacy?

Brave is a privacy-focused browser that aims to protect your data from third parties. It also blocks ads and trackers, so its good for ad-free browsing.

Is Brave browser the most private?

Brave is the most private browser, with Tor being the least private.

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